After the 70 days, part 12: ‘The emoji-confusion. He sent me the “face with heart shaped eyes”.’


Emoji’s should clarify the meaning of a text. When we started texting, it wasn’t always clear in which voice we should read the words. Due to the absence of intonation, volume, facial expression in text messages, there was the inevitable confusion and misunderstandings. So then came the smiley. At first, it was clear what they meant. But nowadays we have tons of different emoji’s. Face expressions my human face can’t even make. And this results in us being back at where we started. Again, they leave us with confusion and misunderstandings. A NEW IMPORTANT EDIT TO THIS POST

World Cup Soccer is happening and Amsterdam turned into on big orange party place. After work, I met up with a couple of friends at the Museumplein, which has been turned into an outdoor cinema to watch the soccer matches. After the match I was texting with an interesting guy. Congratulating each other, cheering for our team. At some point, it wasn’t about soccer anymore and he made the comment that women enjoy male attention. I acted a bit insulted and asked him if that was how he saw me, an attention seeker. He replied he doesn’t at all. I declared not all male attention is appreciated. It depends a lot on who those males are. He could understand my response and I told him hís attention is enjoyable though. That’s when it happened. The emoji-confusion. He sent me the “face with heart shaped eyes”. And that he was happy to hear this.
I looked at it ones, twice, three times… Staring at it for 15 minutes till the battery died.

The heart eyed smiley… Uhm… Soooo…. Owkay… That’s… I don’t know…

When I switched on my phone again, he’d send another message, explaining himself it’s because he enjoys my attention too.
Yet again with an emoji of which I don’t know the meaning. The “flushed face”.

I understand he must have felt a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t respond anymore (because my battery was down). I answered with the “happy face with wide mouth and squinting eyes” and then send him he made me shy.

To be continued…

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