In addition to part 12, Part 12.1: ‘… a solution for the emoticon confusion.’


The most popular post on my blog, and most found through search engines, is: After the 70 days, part 12: ‘The emoji-confusion. He send me the “face with heart shaped eyes”.’
This means there are a lot of people looking for an answer to the question I had: What does this emoticon aka emoji mean? Clearly, the meanings of all the different emoticons is only specifically known by the sender.

Everybody could give their own meaning to the not-human expression some emojies nowadays seem to have. The original smiley and saddey aren’t too confusing, but the modern ones, sorry, they don’t always make sense. These visitors need a solution for the emoticon confusion.

Personally, I don’t give the emoticons in chat conversations that much meaning anymore. When it isn’t clear what the purpose of it is, I chose to ignore it. Yet, when you think the meaning of it might be important for the relationship between you and the other, here is your answer,

The big, best and maybe only right solution for when you receive an emoji and it’s not clear what the sender is trying to say with it, is to call. Do NOT ask through chat about the meaning. Some people aren’t good with writing and might not be able to explain themselves correctly in a chat conversation and that could leave you even more confused.

I understand that some of you haven’t got a lot of phone call experience, but it can be quite fun. You get to express yourself in many more ways than during text messaging. And you’ll be able to pick up a lot more about the other party’s mood and state of mind.

How does it work? Go to contacts in your phone. Press on the person you want to chat with. Press “Call”. Keep the phone to your ear and you’ll hear it ring. When (s)he picks up, you introduce yourself by your name, just in case, and you can start your conversation. You can say what you would else have texted, or you can ask or tell all other stuff that pops up.
In this particular case, you have questions about the meaning of an emoticon (s)he sent you. Don’t hesitate to ask them about the meaning they give to this specific emoji. Ones they respond to you, don’t just hang up. You’re now in a conversation. So it’s not like with texting, you can just leave your phone aside, continue with something else and respond next time you’re going to the toilet. Have a talk with the person you wanted to speak.

It might happen that the person you want to communicate with, can’t answer your call at that exact moment. But don’t worry. Don’t consider this a personal rejection (yet). This person will see you’ve tried to speak to him/her and will get curious about what you want to talk about. Big chance (s)he will call you back. At least when you don’t explain why you tried to call through text,  if you do, (s)he will probably then just respond through text again. So don’t.

When you just start to use this option of your phone, people might think you called by accident. If they didn’t pick up and haven’t called back after a few hours, feel free to try one (only one) more time. If (s)he still can’t or won’t answer your call ánd doesn’t ring you back, you shouldn’t even be wasting time text chatting with this person.

So, if anybody sends you a emoji aka emoticon and you don’t understand what they are trying to tell by it, and you think it might have value in the relationship with this person; call instead of keep on texting. Good luck!


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