Part 12.2: Emoji confusion, ( #emojiconfusion ) too many emoticons, what do they mean?!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the communication issues I had to deal with due to the use of emoji’s on WhatsApp and Facebook which of the meaning within the conversation, wasn’t clear to me. That specific post is my most viewed post of all times. Which means, I’m not the only victim of emoji-confusion, #emojiconfusion, emoticon confusion, emoticon-fusion, emoji confusion. 

Recently I took a new phone in use, an Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with Andriod Kitkat. In the keyboard I have a smiley-button. The encoding for these different looking smileys is equal in WhatsApp, Android, iOs, Facebook etc. I discovered 3 types of smiley appearances so far, with the same encoding. So if the sender selects one from appearance B and sends it to you, you might receive it in appearance A, depending on your device and choice of communication app/ messenger system.

 Screenshot_2014-08-22-16-10-455 Screenshot_2014-08-22-17-16-10 Screenshot_2014-08-22-17-16-24

As you can tell, this makes the confusion even bigger. So, like I wrote in: 

In addition to part 12, Part 12.1: ‘… a solution for the emoticon confusion.’ 

The only real solution is to pick up the phone and talk, instead of texting with emoji’s to explain feelings or state of mind. 

Good luck 😀 

2 thoughts on “Part 12.2: Emoji confusion, ( #emojiconfusion ) too many emoticons, what do they mean?!

  1. You’re right in saying that its easier to understand someone whene its a phone call. I dont just get the whole meaning of the item from what people are saying. I.e. their words. I consider their tone and body language. However emojis are just one of the ways one can communicate with meaning as the commentor above noted.


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