Valentine special; How not to disappoint your lady/ Gift ideas for the clueless men

il_340x270.718497580_ai2w Valentine is on it’s way 

and again, chances are I’ll be single and alone. And although I’m happy with life and I have a lot of plans that don’t involve a boyfriend, I miss having one from time to time. Especially on February 14th. I’m a sucker for Valentine’s day, so yup, I’m kinda bumped I don’t have a special someone. Well, I have a lot of special someone’s, but non in a romantic or sexual way. 

But let’s be real here, not only for me as a single woman, Valentine’s day is likely to become a disappointment. It’s a sad thing for the women who are dating or in a relationship, because too many men don’t have a clue about how to celebrate the day of love, let alone come up with a suitable gift for their lady. And I must admit, it’s easier for women, we can order a gift box at Man Crates  and our man will be happy. Aware of our advantageMan Crates wants to help these men and asked us women to share our desires when it comes to Valentine gifts.  

Personally, I love everything that comes from the heart. I have a memory box filled with the Valentine cards my ex-boyfriend gave me over the years we’ve been together. Other than the cards, he wasn’t much of a Valentine hero. Same restaurant every year (he called it: tradition, I called it: predictable), and a piece of jewelry or lingerie.
When I do get to meet my real prince charming, I would love for him to surprise me on Valentine’s day. So let’s turn this around, let’s think about what would be in my (Wo)Man Crate


A helium balloon, pink, heart shaped. That would be an unexpected, fun and cute surprise when opening a box or crate. I love helium balloons. 
Scented candles will make the room smell romantic and candle light makes people look even prettier (except when you hold a candle closer to your face, a little under your chin, then it looks scary

Rosé sparkling wine is the perfect drink for Valentine’s day. A personalized label on the bottle would be really romantic, not a message ín a bottle, but a message on a bottle. The sweet note plus the bubbles that make you light headed and sexy, yeah, definitely perfect.   
The card deck Truth or Dare, a game of passion” will make it an entertaining and interesting night. After the first glass of bubbles, the candles on, feeling comfortable and romantic, a card deck with intimate or sexy questions and challenges is a great way to get to know each other even better 
(I ones created a deck of truth questions for a second date, brought a bottle of booze and called it: truth or drink. So when he or I didn’t want to answer honestly, that person had to take a shot. After getting tipsy at some point, it gets easier to open up. It was a perfect second date game.) 

This would be my perfect Valentine crate, because it aren’t just gifts, it’s an experience. And if, for whatever weird reason, the date would turn out a disaster, there would always be the helium balloon to cheer things up. Just open the balloon with care, suck in the helium, start talking with a weird voice and it’ll be impossible not to smile.  
Hopefully the men are inspired by my crate and try to make an effort for their lady. Because, honestly, Valentine’s day can be romantic, exciting and hot.

Yes, this year, I would love to have a date on Valentine’s day, but if not, I’ll just be at home, drinking champagne, lighting some candles, petting my bunny who’s named Valentine, celebrating our one year anniversary (I bought the bunny last Valentine’s day to keep me company) and I will be watching a thriller or action movie. Doesn’t sound to bad at all.  

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