After the 70 days, part 30; 10 emotional stages you go through on Tinder.

Tinder…. Always a topic when single. Always good for bad stories, or good stories. Let’s go through 10 emotional stages you go through while playing on Tinder;

1) Joy. Funny, all these people in all shapes and sizes. Some good looking, most not so much.

2) Shock. When you pass the occasional dick pic.

3) Excitement. Rarely you cross this photo of a really hot person and they got you all excited.

4) Disappointment. You swipe right, but you don’t match.

5) Frustration. After swiping 20 people to the left, and all good looking people seem to have vanished.

6) Stress. You were swiping left non stop and accidentally swiped that óne hottie that finally popped up again, to the left instead of to the right.

7) Confusion. When you match with a bunch of people, but non of your matches sends you something.

8) More joy. When you’re having a fun chat with a match.

9) Insecurity. When the person you were chatting with all of a sudden doesn’t respond anymore or has disappeared.

10) Fear. When you’re about to meet a person you know from Tinder in real life.

And as a bonus, 11) the thrill, good or bad. When you see a picture of a person you know.

It’s mostly fun. Probably the reason why Tinder is so popular. And I’m back on it again too. It’s too entertaining.
Since 1½ years I’ve been playing on Tinder on and off. Due to the fact that I deleted my profile a couple of times, my matches got reset also.

Here in the Netherlands and probably especially in and around Amsterdam, Tinder isn’t something to be embarrassed about. I think 80% of the singles between 19 and 40 have ánd use the app to get social. And even people in relationships seem to have it. Looking for a threesome or just to see how they would do on “the market”. It’s fully accepted as a fun  (innocent) app. But, because it’s so new, for me personally, it creates some social questions too.

The last couple of months I’ve been swiping again, even more critical than I did before. Thanks to some good shots, pictures made during my trip on Hawaii, my profile pictures seem to give me a 90% match ratio on my swipes to the right.

Because I’m also still in the same areas as before, I’ve seen some faces tens of times before. And sometimes the cuties again too. I have a couple of Tinder boys. The ones who pop up and who I always match with, but never have met in person. Yet every time again, when I restart on Tinder after some period of absence, it’s a mutual right swipy and we match again.

This morning, I matched with my Tinder-boy Curly again. I sent him a hahahaha, where he responded he didn’t get what was so funny. And so I pointed out that it was about the fourth time we matched. His respons was so predictable; “That’s for a reason N… (my name)”

I have no interest in meeting Curly. Although I do think he’s good looking, the fact that he is passive when is comes to suggesting a date, especially since we’ve matched so often already, is unappealing.

Another weirdness of Tinder and scanning through singles within a pretty close radius… The hero-guy who ditched me, popped up on Tinder. Meaning it’s not another girl for who he dismissed me. So what to do? Swipe left, swipe right? And how to read what happens next? Let’s go to different optional scenarios:

L: I swipe left, because he already has proven himself as a douche.
a) No further scenario here, because I would never find out if he swiped mé to the right or not.

R: I swipe right, curious to see what he did.
a) We match
1- He was curious to see if I would swipe hím to the right, so he swiped mé to the right, but I only swiped right to see what he did. So we match, but not because we are interested in one another
2- He saw my pictures and felt really bad about wimping me off previously, so he swipes right. He thinks I still like him too, but I was only curious.
b) We don’t match
1- I haven’t popped up on his Tinder yet
2- He swiped me to the left because he wasn’t interested in me anyway, so why swipe right on Tinder.
3- He swiped me to the left, by accident, shocked to see my picture. And can not undo it. And because he doesn’t know if I swiped him to the right or not he is to shy to reach out on Facebook again, because I might have swiped him to the left.

But that are meaningless scenarios. It’s Tinder for all sake.

Hero-guy got swiped to the right, but obviously, only out of curiosity. When I saw another guy I had been chatting with on Tinder and Whatsapp before, who stood me up, I swiped left instantly, without regrets. Bye bye jerk. Two previous times, after we already were through, I was too curious and swiped right. And so had he. Probably out of curiosity too, and so I deleted the match. Twice before! What are the rules here? What does it mean? It doesn’t mean shit. It’s a app for fun. Yet, it’s about human behavior and it makes me wondering. And it reminded me, sometimes not knowing at all is better than being left confused or with more questions.

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