After the 70 days, part 37: “… bed bunk isn’t ideal for sex”

As mentioned in my previous blog, I decided to see if a heartache can really be cured by a rebound. Solely for research purposes. The best way to get a rebound in a blink is through Tinder nowadays, so I started swiping. It didn’t take long before I found some cuties. Including some tourists. Since the purpose was to find just a rebound, I figured a tourist would be ideal. I texted one of my matches I would be able to meet up for a drink that evening. He was happy to do so and asked me for suggestions on where to meet, outside of the touristic scene. I happened to know a really nice cocktail bar, located right in the middle of our individual locations. We met at 9 PM, which was pretty late given the fact that I had work the next morning, but I had some issues with time management that day. 

My Tinder date and I arrived at the same moment and when we got inside, he was very pleased with the spot of my choice. He picked a tequila based cocktail, so I liked him immediately. We started with an orange margarita and because it tasted so good, we stuck to it. In the meanwhile we had great conversations and good laughs, also assisted by the questions of “the 36 questions to fall in love”. After a couple of cocktails and questions, we started kissing occasionally. We became more and more intimate throughout the date and the margaritas kept on coming till closing. He got the cheque and we left the cocktail bar just before 1 AM.

Once we got outside he suggested I could come with him to his hotel. This is the moment when I would normally bail.But he was cute, we had a lot of fun, it was a great date and the tequila made me happy and enthusiastic. He might as well have suggested to go for a swim in the canal and I probably would have gone for that too. So there I went with him. Proceeding my research while tipsy. The hotel was a different word for dorm room with 4 bed bunks, but no other guests. A bed bunk isn’t ideal for sex, so we put a blanket on the floor and hit it off. It didn’t take long before it got all wild, which I could enjoy, wasn’t it for furniture put at the wrong place. All of a sudden my forehead smacked against the corner of the night stand and it made a loud bang. I didn’t want to stop with what we were doing and it didn’t hurt much, so I told him to proceed. A few seconds later I discovered I was bleeding considerably. We stopped and I went into the bathroom to have a look at the damage. My reflection scared the shit out of me. My entire face was covered in blood. It looked like I was on my way to heaven and due to the massive amount of blood, I got a bit light headed. But once we got rid of the blood, the wound itself didn’t turn out to be that big. I found a bandage and more condoms in my purse and so we proceeded.

At 3 AM it was time for me to leave. Although he wanted me to stay and sleep together with him, I wasn’t willing to sleep in a bed bunk while having to work the next morning. He wanted to add me on Facebook and we kissed goodbye. When I got home, I put ice on my forehead and set my alarm. He already texted me to tell me how much he had enjoyed our date.

Conclusion: I have a painful, embarrassing hump on my forehead and I’m still heartbroken over shy guy. Yet, the date was great, the margaritas tasteful and the sex was good. So even though it might not be the cure for my broken heart, I have zero regret I tried.

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