Part 49: ‘…not only single, but also sober on Valentine’s day.’

Impossible not to love the day of love, right? Even as a single, I love Valentine’s day. Without expectations, yet full of hope, I check my mailbox for anonymous cards, stare at my phone waiting for love declarations to come in, but they never do. This year, I would be not only single, but also sober on Valentine’s day. While other years I would celebrate Valentine’s day with wine, movie, wine, sushi, more wine and optional a friend, this year, wine would not even be an option. But totally unexpected, Tuesday February 14th turned out to be the best Valentine’s day of my life so far.

The Sunday before V-day, I met up with an Australian guy who was visiting Amsterdam for a short 4 days. We had a match on Tinder and within a couple of texts back and forth, we decided to meet up.

I just came out of the ocean after a winter surf. Wearing sweatpants, a XL sweater, no makeup on and salty hair. Luckily he had been smoking enough to be stoned AF and not give a shit. When he hopped in my car to be taken to a (for him) unknown destination, he was cheerful and hot. There was immediate attraction between us.

We drove to my place, I took a quick shower, shaved smooth and put on a normal outfit before going out for dinner. We had a nice chat with a lot of laughs. Kissing and cuddling the entire walk back to my place. Clothes came off and the sex started. It took a moment before I actually read the text tattooed on his belly. Sitting on top I looked down and there it was; ‘Enjoy the ride.’ A brief mental short-circuit occurred and I wondered if I could still abort mission, but the sex was great and apart from that tattoo, he was very hot. I decided to…. well, enjoy the ride. He stayed the night.

Tuesday morning he texted me what I was up to in the evening. He was unaware of it being Valentine’s day. I was so aware that I was even wearing my love-socks. I invited him to join me to yoga, but it was a ‘nah’. Alternatively I suggested GoKarts. A definite yes! By the time I picked him up after work, he had become aware of it being Valentine. And it turned into the best Valentine’s date ever for the both of us; GoKarting, dinner at a restaurant at the beach, drinks (non-alcoholic for me). Our interaction was too cute. We were both impressed by the many accidental romantic moments that occurred. The cute smiles. Holding hands. Sharing food. Quick random little kisses. He told me he wasn’t romantic at all, ever, and he had never celebrated Valentine’s day before. He added that he was enjoying it very much. I couldn’t have wished for a better night either. The day after Valentine’s he returned to Australia.

I absolutely enjoyed the ride.

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