“… very hot and polite bold guy.”

Over the last couple of years, with some ups and downs and moments of desperation, I’ve become to love my singledom. In fact, I found that I once was ready to settle, but I have now grown out of that, completely. Having embraced my freedom and personal space, where I was pretty much a saint in the past, I’ve learned that if I want be single and also have a healthy sex life, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself and so I have allowed myself to play. A lot.

In the last couple of years, I have met several men who have been a pleasure to have around, for a limited time. They don’t fit a specific profile. I don’t have a type at all. There was this ‘super bogan Australian skipper’, a ‘porn mustache hipster’, an ‘American rugby player’, ‘the puppy’, the ‘very tall albino boy’, and the best one of the couple of years of- very brief but also very passionate and fulfilling romances, was the ‘bold bodyboarder’.

The bold bodyboarder was without a doubt a present from the universe;

It happened during a vacation with a group of friends in Bali. Shy guy, the last guy I have been in love with, was also in town while we were there. Not just in town, but staying within a 100 meter radius of the villa my friends and I were staying at. My plan was to just face him and try to get rid of negativity and start over with a clean sleeve as acquaintances. Before we even got the chance to meet in person, we already had difficult communication through text about meeting up.

Despite that, I was enjoying my vacation. A friend and I went to a lovely beach. Semi hidden where experienced surfers come together from all over the world (attractive men guarantee). We weren’t even settled at one of the warungs and I already bumped in on this very hot and polite bold guy. He gave us a hand to get to the other side of a piece of rocky beach during high tide.

When we were lounging at my favorite warung, he and a friend came in and sat next to us. There was this undeniable chemistry. He told me he recently moved to the island and was living in one of the beach shacks. (In my fantasy we went there immediately). We talked some more, flirted a lot before he took off to go surfing. I was hoping he would return before my friend and I had to leave, but unfortunately, he didn’t.

A couple days later, during a big party night in town, my friend told me she spotted him. Which was odd, because he lives pretty far away from where we were staying. She turned out to be right. While we were dancing, he passed by and spotted me. He came over, very excited to see me, and told me to wait for him while he would go to the bar to get beers for his friends. He said he would come back as he was eager to get to know me better and had been bummed I wasn’t at the beach anymore when he came back from his surf the other day. He went to the bar but I probably got distracted by something and left my spot and didn’t see him around anymore later that night.

Some more days later,; it was a Friday evening. I was out for dinner with my friends and one of my friends and I decided to go for a drink after. I had been texting with Shy guy, told him where I’d be at, and he said he’d come by for a beer. I advised against, knowing it wouldn’t be his gig, but he showed up anyway. When we saw each other again, I was sort of disappointed. He was different from how I remembered him. We had spent a good time together in the past, but things were different. Maybe the absence of pink glasses and butterflies.
He was being a bit of a bitch about the place and my mood was pretty much killed by his attitude, so I told him I was going back to the villa and if he wanted to chat more, he could join. He said he was ready to leave also and so we walked to the parking area to our mopeds. I walked up to him and told him there were still some things I wanted to get of my chest now that I had the opportunity to talk face to face. He told me to spit and so I did. No longer having romantic feelings for him, I threw it all at him. How he and I have very different ideas on honest communication and friendship. That he had hurt me. He was cold as ice. And I was done. I turned away and he took off on his bike.

When I got to my own bike, I realized I had no reason to leave the party anymore, as he was gone now. So I went back to the bar. While I was in a fun conversation with two people I just met, I saw the bold guy passing by behind them. I called his name, he saw me and hurried over to give a massive hug and kiss on my cheek, almost jelling how happy he was to find me again. It was late in the evening and it wasn’t crowded anymore. The music was still playing loud, but there wasn’t anyone on the dancefloor. He said he was sad there wasn’t any dancing going on. I told him we shouldn’t be stopped by that and so we headed to the dancefloor. The two of us with our beers, dancing. He pulled me towards him and we kissed. As if we were meant to be. It was the perfect timing.

After a while we decided it was time to continue our party privately at my place. It happened to be a night in which I had our 4 bedroom villa all to myself, as 2 of the couples and another friend all were away on excursions and my friend had disappeared with someone else.

We took a shower and hit is off. He has a beautiful penis. The perfect size and shape. Rock hard when erected. The sex was incredible. Him showing me all corners of the room. Picking me up. All positions imaginable. Slightly aggressive, but totally focused on getting me to climax. We fucked all night long and continued till noon the next day. What great memory.

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