Bye Bye Tinder

The second weekend of 2020 I decided to quit. Not talking about smoking or alcohol or work. Cigarettes are part of the past for many years already, alcohol and I have a stable relationship, and I am happy with my job. So none of those. I’m talking about Tinder and other dating apps.
Tinder has provided the occasional funny anecdotes, but bottom line, mostly just a lot of wasted time. 2019 was the least sexual year of my active life. Out of the 3 physical endeavours, a total of zero were even close to satisfying.
But are there other ways to meet potential? Singles are starting to get less and less flirtatious, spontaneous and approachable in real life. Regardless whether one is looking for love, friendship+ or just sex, Tinder users are so lazy. And I probably was too.

It is time, time to delete these apps. Let’s work on our real life social skills. How to flirt, how to fish, or how to make real connection, depending on what you’re after. Let’s start winking again. Let’s start advising each other on tasty products in the supermarket again. Let’s offer a drink. Let’s do a dance. Let’s sprinkle compliments around. Let’s ask a friend to wing that hotty across the room. Let’s stop being pussies, hiding behind a screen, only showing parts we feel confident about and pretend we’re perfect.
I will be throwing winks, say hi to sexy strangers and stalk hot guys in the supermarket. We don’t know who’s single on Tinder these days anymore either. Let’s get out there and start flirting in public again. 

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