Single and solo during the pandemic

The last two weeks have been very ‘alone’, I’m not going to say lonely, as I luckily am not. While most of my friends are living together with their partners, I’m living by myself. In a small but light apartment close to the beach and directly at a national park. I’m still allowed to go outside for some fresh air, so I go for beach walks daily and every other day I go for a run with a friend in town. He is the only friend I see in person. Sometimes we also have dinner together.

I’m not dating anyone in person. I’m only sexting a bit with a very hot guy I recently had some physical action with, short before the pandemic hit Europe. Sexting is a very fun way to keep each other sexually pleased during a time of social distancing. Yet, be mindful when getting into this. Better be safe than sorry, so always expect it to be shared or shown to others. Here are some guidelines:

– Only text with someone you have met in person and already had chemistry with in person.
– Make sure your head doesn’t show on nudes. If you want to share a tease, in bikini for example, that’s fine as long as you wouldn’t mind it to be shown to others.
– When sending real nudes, try to be as unrecognizable as possible, so cover up tattoos and body marks that would identify it to be you.
– Keep it classy, practice on angles, light effects, specific poses and body areas. It’s not really pretty to send a picture of your punani in full glory in bright light. For example, a picture of your hand slipping in your panties would be more classy and playful.
– Don’t get carried away during video chat, there’s always a risk the other one is recording.

Enjoy your time at home!

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