Meaning of emoji: Smiley with heart-shaped eyes / In love smiley

The emoticon/emoji of the smiley with the heart-shaped eyes can mean different things, depending on the context of the conversation. Although it’s been labeled the “In love smiley” in most cases it’s used to express;

Smiley with heart shaped eyes
Love it
So cute
So sweet
I’d love to
Thank you so much

Yes, sorry to break it; love IT. That is not the same as ‘ I love you.’
In some cases the sender might mean I love you, but if that’s not clear in the context of the conversation, don’t make this emoji more than it probably is.

The smiley with the hearts around it can also mean different things, but seems to be commonly more used to express the actual emotion of loving someone:
Smiley with 3 hearts
I feel so loved
I’m in love

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