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“… he walked into the house and gestured me to follow.”

Tinder and I are in a love/hate relationship. It was yesterday that I reinstalled the app and created my account again after little over a month without. The exercise was less disappointing than previous times. There were actually some seemingly interesting guys in my radius, so plenty of matches. It had been a while that I actually used the app to chat with local guys. Previously I’d only swipe for expats or when I was abroad, as I’m generally not really into Dutch men. But there was this adventures looking local with who I matched and he started a conversation. After some chit chat, he asked me about my latest Tinder date. My reply was: “Deleted Tinder for some weeks. Had a 86 hours lasting Tinder-date in October. Needed some time to reset from that. Set up my account again today. But I’m still a bit anti. Not sure what I’m doing here really. How about you?”

Let’s go back to October:
I was on vacation in Hawaii and staying in a perfect Airbnb in a quiet area on the East side of Oahu. On a Thursday morning I sent out a random Good morning to one of the Tinder matches. Just for some local suggestions on where to go to and what to do in the neighborhood. We started chatting. Within a couple of texts back and forth we agreed to meet for coffee.

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“… very hot and polite bold guy.”

Over the last couple of years, with some ups and downs and moments of desperation, I’ve become to love my singledom. In fact, I found that I once was ready to settle, but I have now grown out of that, completely. Having embraced my freedom and personal space, where I was pretty much a saint in the past, I’ve learned that if I want be single and also have a healthy sex life, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself and so I have allowed myself to play. A lot.

In the last couple of years, I have met several men who have been a pleasure to have around, for a limited time. They don’t fit a specific profile. I don’t have a type at all. There was this ‘super bogan Australian skipper’, a ‘porn mustache hipster’, an ‘American rugby player’, ‘the puppy’, the ‘very tall albino boy’, and the best one of the couple of years of- very brief but also very passionate and fulfilling romances, was the ‘bold bodyboarder’.

The bold bodyboarder was without a doubt a present from the universe;

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“In a clean bed. All to myself.”

A couple of years ago, I spent a week with Shy Guy to find out afterwords that he and I experienced the time together differently.
The last two weeks I felt as if I was wearing Shy guys socks for a change. ~ Walking in his shoes couldn’t be the case as the circumstances were too different. But maybe in an emotional way the situation was a bit similar.

About half a year ago I met a slightly younger guy (;Puppy) while on vacation. We had a little fling and I didn’t take it too serious. We kept in touch, sporadic texts. After a couple of months, he expressed that he had stronger feelings for me and wanted to spend more time together. He wanted to come visit. (A >20 hour journey) Continue reading “In a clean bed. All to myself.”

After the 70 days, part 35: 7 reasons why guys leave in the middle of the night.’ (He needed to poop.)


Recently I’ve experienced a guy sneaking out in the middle of the night after a couple rounds of amazing sex. Waking up alone in the bed, while I was pretty sure there was a guy next to me when I passed out, felt weird. Yet I like to have the bed for myself, so I couldn’t be bothered that much. It did got me thinking; Why would a guy leave in the middle of the night:

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Part 12.2: Emoji confusion, ( #emojiconfusion ) too many emoticons, what do they mean?!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the communication issues I had to deal with due to the use of emoji’s on WhatsApp and Facebook which of the meaning within the conversation, wasn’t clear to me. That specific post is my most viewed post of all times. Which means, I’m not the only victim of emoji-confusion, #emojiconfusion, emoticon confusion, emoticon-fusion, emoji confusion. 

Recently I took a new phone in use, an Sony Xperia Z1 Compact with Andriod Kitkat. In the keyboard I have a smiley-button. The encoding for these different looking smileys is equal in WhatsApp, Android, iOs, Facebook etc. I discovered 3 types of smiley appearances so far, with the same encoding. So if the sender selects one from appearance B and sends it to you, you might receive it in appearance A, depending on your device and choice of communication app/ messenger system.

 Screenshot_2014-08-22-16-10-455 Screenshot_2014-08-22-17-16-10 Screenshot_2014-08-22-17-16-24

As you can tell, this makes the confusion even bigger. So, like I wrote in: 

In addition to part 12, Part 12.1: ‘… a solution for the emoticon confusion.’ 

The only real solution is to pick up the phone and talk, instead of texting with emoji’s to explain feelings or state of mind. 

Good luck 😀 

In addition to part 12, Part 12.1: ‘… a solution for the emoticon confusion.’


The most popular post on my blog, and most found through search engines, is: After the 70 days, part 12: ‘The emoji-confusion. He send me the “face with heart shaped eyes”.’
This means there are a lot of people looking for an answer to the question I had: What does this emoticon aka emoji mean? Clearly, the meanings of all the different emoticons is only specifically known by the sender.
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